Featured Members

Abdur-Rahim Muhammad

A native Washingtonian, author Abdur-Rahim Muhammad is a graduate of Hampton University and the University of the District of Columbia. Muhammad began his Martial Arts training in 1970 and continues to teach in the traditional manner so highly emphasized by all...

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SOLE Defined

SOLE Defined puts an exciting twist on percussive dance by turning their bodies into human drums. In one word, SOLE Defined creates a “Percussical,” an innovative twist on the traditional musical with its integration of percussive dance and multi-media with...

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Dr. Debra Jean Ambush

Debra Jean Ambush, Ph.D. is a distinguished Lecturer in Art History, Art and Design, and Art Education at Towson University. She was 2017 recipient of the National Art Education Association Woman’s Caucus’ Maryl Flether DeJong Award for her work...

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