Hardeep Grover

Board Member

Hardeep Grover
Hardeep Grover is an attorney with Tresquire Legal Services, a solo practice where he works with creative entrepreneurs in the food, beverage, art, and entertainment spaces, helping clients navigate legal hurdles on their path to business growth. Hardeep began his practice in Califoria’s wine industry, before delving into the nuances of New York’s art and entertainment industries. Having returned to his hometown of Washington, DC, Hardeep now provides end-to-end transactional and strategic advisory services to clients in DC, NY, CA, and VA. Hardeep Past President of the South Asian Bar Association of Washington, DC, a 400 attorney non-profit organization that hosts attorney education courses, panel discussions with senior attorneys, and legal clinics for those in need. Hardeep received his BA in Economics from George Mason University, and his JD from The George Washington University Law School. In his spare time he enjoys playing with wild yeast fermentation, and he dreams of one day owning a Rotovap and a cheese cave.

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